our house

is a very, very, very fine house. with 2 kids and a dog, life used to be so hard, now....da da da da....imagine Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Everyone with me?

I've had in mind a blog post documenting our house before we get packed up and move out but first I had 2 things to do: figure out how Jeff plays music on his posts (I'm fascinated with this) and clean my house.

Neither of these happened and I got the fancy to go ahead with my "we're moving, I'm sentimental, sappy Kristy" post. So, I pulled out the ever handy Koday Easyshare Z760 and got to work. Took pictures of some of my favorite things about this old house. First, I must say that I LOVE my house. This house represents so much to me. Mike remodeled it for us while I was pregnant with Abby so we have lots of good memories here. He and our friends and family spent lots of hours of hard labor here. We really put ourselves into this house, making it "us"!

Here's some shots of my favorite things! I decided against cleaning first and to just go with it and document the way things really are here. The carport looks like I run a daycare (I don't), the table is cluttered, the LR is a mess, the baby is sleeping (AHHHHH), but this is an oddly typical day around my house!

1. my wife/mom/homemaker quote. it reminds me of what's really important and it's red and old-fashioned, such a great combo! It also hangs over the kitchen table because in my house growing up I have such great kitchen-table memories (but mostly not for meals:) sorry mom! the kitchen was the life of our house with friends over often to play cards, visit, whatever!

2. the outside front of my house. love the shaded driveway and big front window.

3. the LR with Abby watching TV on the couch. Don't know what it is about taking the cushions apart on the couch. Oh, and the framed artwork Uncle D got me for my first BD after Mike and I were married...love it! And the rocking chair that my Pappaw bought my mom while pregnant with me (awwwwwww!) I'm so sentimental...

4. the deep, white kitchen sink with tall faucet and my favorite curtains in the house. one apron belonged to my granny and the other I picked up in Canton. It is the vintage state kind-Alaska, where we honeymooned (Mark, it's fabulous, you and Angela need to go)

5. the bathroom sink was my favorite purchase for remodeling

6. Lilly's room. love it! it's my favorite room in the house because of the 2 windows (corner room) and it's painted yellow so it's always very light...

7. Abby's room-normally a beautiful mess which means a blessed, lively little girl is here, but not so much a mess today (thanks Kate) :)

8. stampin' space in all it's glory. Man, i'm gonna miss this! I know it looks very scary and you can't really tell where the floor piles end and the desk piles begin but let's face it, this is the real Kristy and how I create...very messy!

9. remnants of my last stampin' club at this locale (kitchen table). sniff, sniff, sniff. Maybe I should wait even longer than my usual 24 hours to clean it up and just enjoy it!

I'm so glad our home is not really bricks and mortar...it makes it okay to let go and move on, huh?

auto pilot

The ice maker now works. I don't think I ever shared that it didn't work but when we got home from CT, the ice was all frozen together and it was making no ice!

Our house sold! YIPEE!!! We never dreamed it would happen this fast but it did and we're supposed to close early next week. I have so many mixed emotions about it. It's a positive thing overall but the whole moving with 2 kids overwhelms me now. Mike and I have moved so much that we feel like pros but now that there's kids involved. yowsers!

It's hot....really hot. Angela and I talked about taking the kids swimming today so I need to quit typing and call her.

Actually, there's about a jillion bazillion things I could be doing that are way more productive than typing this right now but I'm stalling. When I get overwhelmed I just shut-down and function on "auto pilot" and don't do anything. Then it makes me even more overwhelmed...maybe I should go make yet another list. No more stalling!

Okay, off to call Angela.

2 silly sisters!

The girls are growing so fast. I had to share this picture. Lilly learned to sit up while we were in CT. Something about the lack of stifling humidity allowed her to sit without wilting over to the side I suppose....Abby has always enjoyed in getting into the crib with Lilly but now it's even more fun since she can sit and play with her big sister. Today they were playing in the crib and I walked in to check on them and commented about how cute they were. Abby replied, "Take a picture, Mommy, take a picture!" Can you tell I am the mom with the camera out way too much? We're into another phase of sisterhood now- I was lamenting the way time flies just tonight as I bathed them together and watched them interact! Although I often wish I could "freeze" time it just gets sweeter and sweeter!

home at last!

Ahhhh, what a great week last week. I'm such a creature of habit and it was so good for me to be out of my routine for a while and see things from a new perspective. Keeps things interesting. Not to mention my blog "fast" for over a week now! I've got so much to share that I'm sure it will come out a big jumbled mess so feel free to ask questions and we'll make this entry more interactive than ever!!!

The whole trip to CT was such a God thing in our lives right now. Some big things it taught me or reinforced in me :

1. God is in control-no matter what we do or don't do, He's in control!

2. Although people in different places around the world (even in the US) are different and unique in so many ways, we're also all the same in so many ways, we're all human and imperfect and need God...

3. One of my life's missions is to encourage others in the Lord. This is becoming more and more clear to me and things are starting to fall into place to make me see this...over time, it's proven true and even more so last week. My main concern was encouraging the leaders of Northeast Community Church and trying to make sure they were spurred on! Brandy, a fellow missionary was asked by a man in CT what her life mission was and it really got me to thinking about mine. Thanks for sharing your conversation with Frank with the team, Brandy!

4. I am still passionate about working with children with special needs. It was incredible working with Bryan for the week and it made me realize that even after being an at-home mom for almost 4 years now, I still love other kids, espeically those with disabilities!

5. My first "mission trip" with Mike. How great God is to allow us to partner for Him-what a joy to really dig in and step out in faith together! That was so cool!

6. What an awesome group to travel with. Kevin, Tammie, Nick, Amy, Jennifer, Brandy, Misty and Ryan... you guys are great. Thanks for putting up with me. I enjoyed so much getting to know you all on another level and seeing so many strengths that I didn't know were there. As such and independent person, it was good for me to be with a team and function in a group.

A huge shout out to all you Connecicites, Connectucutians, or whatever you are called there....we love you and will remember you forever. Thanks for your graciousness, hospitality and love for each other and us. It was a great week! Celia, you rock! Mark and Nancy, ditto...Mike especially liked the vette ride! We had an awesome time serving the Lord alongside you!

journey to CT!!!!

Our mission trip is just around the corner and we can't wait to go! Things are hectic preparing for Connecticut while selling a house but the excitement is contagious...tonight our group of 10 met for the final time before take-off on Saturday to pray and talk over last minute details. We know God had this group in mind for this journey long before we knew it and that He goes before us. We're assured that it will be a worthwhile week in our walk with Him!

The group has raised over $4000 in the last month and we're only $700 away from the grand total needed. If you desire to help us financially, now is the time. You can give securely online at Journey's website by clicking here or contact me for other options. It's just a click away and we'd appreciate any money thrown our way for the trip, trusting that it will be provided!

This is my last post til' we return. Catch ya' later!

We've gotten so much support, well-wishes and prayers and it's been encouraging to me and Mike. We love you all and appreciate it greatly...kind, encouraging words mean more than you know!

happy fourth!

Here's our all American cuties wishing you and yours a great 4th of July! They're definitely little firecrackers (you should try getting their picture together)! I love the Fourth - the celebration of things we love about our nation, the spirit, the flag, the fireworks, the friends and family, the hamburgers, hot dogs and watermelon! Hope you're all enjoying your day as much as we are!

family camp 06

We just got home today from Journey's first annual Family Camp. We had a blast just relaxing, fostering friendships, enjoying nature and doing great things with our kids. I wish I had a picture of Tammie Stokes (who's kids are both grown, well almost grown) holding Lilly. She was such a blessing on this trip and so many other times loving on my baby and others' too. It's so nice to have so much help when the kids are small and drain us and she truly enjoys it and is always smiling.

I actually shimmied up a telephone pole to about 30 feet and came down a zipline. Incredible!!!! I was shaking so hard and hugging the worker man standing on the platform so tightly that I smelled his sweat and he couldn't change my belt thingy that holds you on the zipline. I was brave, Abby says. Mike climbed the 30 foot rock wall all the way to the top. Abby's favorite things included painting pet rocks (a dog named hog), canoeing with Adelyn and Daddy like Pocohantas, riding Ashton's bike, watching Mommy on the zipcord and swimming!

We're already looking forward to next year!