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just a little painting break to post about a little bit of stuff. i know the sayings, "the best things in life aren't things!" and all the others like it and i know that's true and believe it but sometimes things do make me smile. like this little assortment of goodies. a friend was cleaning out her mother's sewing machine and thought of me when she came across this stuff. that in and of itself is enough to bring a smile, but when it's some of my favorite things to collect, well, that takes the cake! and it's the best colors and it is from the day when a package of ric-rac costs only 15 cents or 12 on sale. and i'm thinking the vintage crayon box would make a really cool home for a preschool mini album or something...just a little happiness to brighten my day!

on another note, i'm sitting here typing with the air conditioner going full force. you read correctly and it's just not right to be running the ac just 13 days before christmas. unless you're south of the equator, right? just a thought. good thing we didn't pack up the flip flops yet :)

oh yeah, and i'm looking for some old high school photos of me to share with you a little late for high school blog week. should be fun!



Blogger Suzanne said...

you are so funny. you still make me laugh out loud! i'm, of course, with ya on the ac!

12/12/2006 08:19:00 PM  
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