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just being myself

Ah, it feels so good to just be me, as Abby says. Forget the dumb "choose your identity" post. I've been enlightened by my 3 year old genius. The other day we got home and she was exhausted. In times like this, everything is a crisis. The UPS man, as I so affectionately call the cute man in brown who frequents my doorstep with Stampin' Up! boxes of goodies, knocked on the door and ran promptly off the porch. Our normal routine. I don't have to sign anything but he lets me know my package awaits me when I choose to open the door. So, I say to the tired Abigail Grace, "Hey, there's the UPS man!" She's not all that thrilled and responds in left field with, "Mommy, are there ever UPS girls?!?!?" I wish you could hear the tired, whiny inflections of her sweet little voice. I smiled and said, "Yes, of course, girls can be "UPS men" too. Why, is that what you want to be when you grow up?" Her answer was priceless, "NO, I'm too tired to be anything. I just wanna be meeeeeeee!"

I remember blogging some time ago about being able to type from the heart because there were no faces staring back at me when I blog. It gave me a sense of freedom to journal and share what was really going on in my head. Then I began to feel stifled and became acutely aware of all the faces that were really there, though separated by miles of cyberspace. Now, I'm back to being me it seems, not that what I've been saying isn't me but it's, well, surface garbage, if you will. We'll ride this thing out for however long it lasts....

So, today, I'm feeling like ME. Just plain old me. I've done things that make me who I am. I unhurriedly read and completed a Patriarchs lesson and really listened to what the Lord had for me this morning. I went and played the piano at Journey for a little while and then I came home and, and, and, SCRAPPED. And now I'm blogging! Ahhhhhh! Refreshment. Hope you have something that is totally you for those days when you're too tired to be anything and your soul just longs to be content being the you that God created. It's a wonderful thing that He wants for us what Abby wants, for us to just be us!

PS-I scrapbooked a 12x12 layout for a change. Wow-it's so BIG! I'm talking GI-NORMUOS-so big that I couldn't quite figure out how to take it's picture:) It was a layout I've been needing to do for a while but just haven't done and the collages forced me outside my little box and made it neccessary to do a 12x12....think I'll stick to my smaller books but it was fun for a change of pace!

hello again

hey. sorry for the momentary lapse in blogging and blog reading. i've been receiving prods about when i would be back. my absence is partly on purpose and partly not. i realized how much time i was spending in front of the computer screen and how little i was spending on "real books" so i've chosen the "real books" for a while and a blog-fast of sorts. it's not that i don't gain lots of valuable insight from reading your blogs but i love books and needed to refocus. right now i'm reading several things and working through a bible study that is keeping me busy.

here's the rundown:
The Patriarchs by Beth Moore-a study of the book of genesis and the patriarchs. i had begun it earlier this year and never made it past week one of ten so now i'm in week four. it's so good that i catch myself wanting to go ahead and complete more than one lesson a day. i need to slow down and digest it more. lots to learn about obedience to God and living out a faithful(l) life.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason-stolen from Jeff's coffee table (Carolyn said I could)-ancient wisdom for finances. It's sort of old-timey Babylonian parables. It's really fun to read-I can see the conversations played out in my mind's eye like a play.

Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge-WOW! This book is all about women. In fact, the subtitle reads,"Unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul." Although I don't like the normal stereotypes about men and women and squirm at the phrase, "Most women... or most men...." this book was great. I've finished it and will be passing it along to Mike now.

Cultivating Contentment by Luci Swindoll-I'm reading this book for a women's group that meets each week. It's a much needed look at contentment (or lack thereof). A real eye-opener and thought provoker.

Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs-circa 1620. yeah. enough said. it's like reading a dissertation and very challenging. just what i love and need in a good book. if "cultivating contentment" is baby food then this book is the meat and taters. seriously. i've got lots to think about and i'm only on page 9. it takes a lot of thought to just get through sentence by sentence. if you're looking for a literary challenge and a spiritual challenge then this is it, all rolled into one.

In other news, Abigail started preschool a couple of weeks ago and loves it. She enjoys her time there and I wish for time to stand still in more ways than one. We're extremely blessed and extremely proud.

choose your identity

Okay, we're all way to techno futuristic for me right now. It struck me this week as I was zipping from blog to blog that when you click to leave a comment there's a little line that says "CHOOSE YOUR IDENTITY"... man, how do you choose an identity. Okay, when blogging I choose Kristy, half-tied ribbons Kristy. But how often do I choose an identity I shouldn't. I'm not talking about weirdo, psycho really messed up identity stuff that would involve the FBI and CIA but just on a daily basis. Am I true to my faith and my unique personality. So often, I try to be someone I'm not. There, I said it. I confess. It's all in an attempt to be better, though, I think. Pure motives. Or are they? Am I content to be me, the me that God created and loves? Confident people are so comfortable to be around and so attractive to others. That's what I crave more than anything I suppose. Confidence. There are so many ways to identify me...mom, sister, friend, daughter, worker, wife, worker/wife (just kidding), scrapbooker, piano teacher, playgroup starter then quitter for the summer, learner, reader, cleaner, babysitter, nurse, bather, should I really go on?????

No wonder my mind swims with ideas...

On another note...Angela, no offense meant by not mentioning that you were here. Attention folks, Angela was here when Abby and Rilely ran through with panties on their heads. I cannot speak for her but I'm sure her thoughts sounded something like, "Gee, I'm sure glad both my kids are old enough to go to school although this is quite entertaining,hmm, maybe we do need a third child." In my own self-righteous defense, Angela was not here for the embarassing part where my 3 year old sassed/backtalked and ran away from me and I did absolutely NOTHING to stop her. Things are looking up though!

That's the only thing I hate about blogging. I always inadvertently leave off someone when talking about friends, saying thanks, or just logging time of activities. For everyone who I've offended/am offending as we speak/read, I'm sorry. I hate that I'm so famous now through this whole blog world that it matters because enough of you poor souls are actually reading this. Til' later, goodnight and go choose your identity. Mine for now is sleeper!

Would the real Kristy H please step forward! accounted for :)