Where did the last week go? We went to Knoxville to visit Mike's Grandma Doris and Arie over the New year and time has flown. It was a great trip thanks to our new DVD player for the Green Monster...Abby spent about 8 out of the 10 hour trip watching movies and Lilly never fussed but got lots of sleep! Our whole routine was, of course, not the same while there. I always feel like I'm in a time warp because we go to bed so late (2 am most nights) and get up so late and have breakfast around 11 am. I can't believe I've been going out there with Mike for 10 years now. We had gotten engaged by our first Christmas together and so I met his family 10 years ago. All his younger cousins have grown up since then, and heck, 2 have been born since then. Kinda cool to think about!

Lilly entertained everyone on our trip. Grandma Doris taught her how to say, "AHHHH!" after a drink from a big cup...everyone spoiled her rotten playing and walking her around. Abby has totally come out of her shell at Grandma's now. She used to have a really hard time answering questions and saying goodnight, etc. but this trip she even told Grandfather Arie "good night" and gave him the biggest hug ever. I'm so proud of my shy one. She had a blast playing with 7 year old cousin David the entire time!

I think this is the first year ever that I haven't sat down and made a list of resolutions...I'm not sure why but it could be the busyness of everything! I hope to enjoy life more in 2007 than ever before, love more, and laugh more...Happy New Year!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristy, not only did Abbie give Arie a BIG good night and a huge hug, she gave him a willing kiss, mustache and all. He's still grinnin' from ear to ear.

Ask Abby if she left her money. I found a red cup containing coins where she, David, and Kevin went "money hunting" and I don't know who to mail it to.

I miss my babies! This house is toooooooo quiet. GM Doris

1/05/2007 04:46:00 PM  

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