...is it 11 pm and i'm posting a blog instead of sleeping?

...do i have a pretty long to-do list and i just spent an hour scrapping?

...is the sky blue?

...do little doggies jump on us?

okay, enough of the questioning myself. i didn't feel like i could sleep tonight without a little scrap therapy. so i made the wonder woman and the grandmother page. i must admit i've felt a tad bit frenzied (okay, a lot) and this is what i do when i allow 'frenziness' to begin creeping up on me. i wish it drove me to exercise or to clean out the fridge or rake the yard. and i've never said to myself, "I must fold some laundry before I lose it!" but hey, preserving memories sure beats some other inviting alternatives!

i made the summer page a while back and it's not quite done yet. i'm not sure what it needs but i've been looking at it off and on for about a month and i can't figure it out. the pink cardstock is way more vibrant than the scan lets on. i think it's the funky title that i don't like but i'm too lazy to change right now until i come up with the perfect solution!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how many times I've looked at Wonder Woman and remembered you at all those ages Abby and Lilly are going through now. It's like I have an opportunity to repeat your childhood with you----except that Abby and Lilly are too much themselves to really be you. I hope you get to be a great-grandmother someday. It's wonderful... Love ya, Nannaw

12/22/2006 11:10:00 PM  

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