chasing rabbits

Today I walked on a treadmill. This is one of the most dreaded activities I can think of... I try to not do it often. Most always time flies, but not on a treadmill. Minutes seem to pass like hours. There I was, going nowhere fast! It's amazing how many good things I think of to write while walking. So many topics, so little time. But my mind goes from one to the other. I couldn't tell you now (7 hours later) what any of the topics were. Some were too deep for me to get into at this hour. It's always like this for me. I have a conversation in my mind (am I the only one) and then when I actually talk to the person I cannot say anything I thought of. And it was good stuff. Or I kick myself after a conversation because I should have said this or that.

Yesterday was "do-nothing day" around here and we've paid for it today. I am a terrible procrastinator. Or maybe I'm a really good procrastinator. Either way, I have a Stampin' Up! workshop tomorrow and I've had great intentions for weeks of getting ready for it. Do you think I did one thing about it til' today? Nope... l had all day yesterday but I was too obsessed with this whole bog thing. Then we had friends over for pizza, then it was bedtime. It seems like I run out of day before I run out of things to do. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So today I've scrambled and I am almost ready. YEAH! I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I work better under pressure and just live with it and make the most of it.

I will try to give you a quote each day because I love to tell what Abby says to everyone all the time. Today at the lunch table she said, "Dad, where's your upper lip?" He points to his lip and says, "Right here, why?" Her reply, "Because it stinks!" Followed by a silly little giggle. Gotta love it when a 3 year old tells a funny that truly makes you laugh!

the best day ever

In the words of my 3 year old Abigail, "This is gonna be the best day ever, Momma!" Some of you other Winnie the Pooh watchers will recognize this "pooh quote". She spent the night at Memaw's house last night and woke saying it there. She makes this proclamation almost every day with a mischevious grin on her face and WOW! I wish I really lived like that...

Here's some reasons today is one of the best days ever:

1. I have nothing on my iCal for today (amazing).

2. I got 2 three-hour snatches of sleep last night because my other daughter Lillian slept really well (for a 6 week old)

3. I plan to spend lots of time "scrappin' and stampin'" in my craft nook

4. I'm making my first blog entry right now, can you believe it?

5. Mike is home with us all day today and went to get me a carmel latte and french toast sticks for breakfast-can't beat it! I know I'm spoiled. Oh, and he said he'd make the weekly Wal-mart Load your Cart trip for me today... incredible man that he is.

Here's to hoping to share a little of us with a lot of you. Happy Do-Nothing Day to you all!