Never say Never

There are so many things on my mind to type about right now I just don't know where to begin. Dogs dying, trips to the zoo, scrapbooking, eating words...where do I begin?

Yesterday we made a trip to the zoo with my cousin Stephanie and her 2 kids, Brayden and Valeri. It's great that I have her because Brayden and Abby were born within 2 months of one another and then Lilly and Valeri came within 2 months of one another. Pretty darn cool to have someone in the same exact ages/stages that we are in. Too bad we don't live closer but we're going to try to get together monthly from now on. I thought we'd have fun catching up and chatting but seems like we barely got to visit while taking the kids to the zoo and out to eat. We did have a blast though and couldn't have asked for better weather.

On the way to the zoo I was pondering all the words I eat. This is my new diet, only I've been on it for most of my life. Munch, munch, munch...It's a good thing my words don't have fat grams and calories or I'd be trying to lose 500 pounds instead of just 50! I'll give you an example. As a young whipper snapper I used to say, "I will never drive a mini-van" while thinking to myself, "I'm way too cool for that." No offense all you minivan driving friends;I've always loved you anyway and loved hitching rides in your smooth ridin, easy in, load haulin automobiles. Now guess what I really covet? YEP, MINIVANS...I can't believe I'm to that point. Great example. Oh, and also on zoo day I was wishing that I had gone ahead and bought one of those kid leash thingys for Abby. I can't believe that either-another I'll never situation. I used to think it ridiculous to tie yourself to your kids but as I was frantically trying to keep my eyes on Abby while pushing Lilly in the stroller and watch where we're get the picture. Have I learned to never say never? Nope, and I probably NEVER will. Really, I should have gone ahead and let mom go with us after all:)

Okay, I vow to you that my next post will not have to do with 3 year olds unless it is a scrapbook page of one... another thing I'm eating... my blog is not gonna be only about my life as a mom, I'm much too interesting for that... I'm going to post a couple of scrapbook pages a week. WHATEVER! Mothering is forefront on the homefront lately so I just can't help it. So I'm Mom.. But I'm so much more. Stay tuned!


Blogger Ginger said...

Live and learn! Mom could have had fun with the kids while you and Steph sat back and relaxed. Hardee har har.

4/14/2006 11:36:00 AM  
Anonymous dawn said...

Ok..I think it is time for me to go to bed....that pic at the top...I thought, HUMMMM Kristy has somehow created silverware with Abby's and some little boys pictures on the handles!! I thought that it was a silverware divider know what i mean?? I can't be any clearer I am in a fog! Anyway. I love the new posts! I love reading about everything. YOu are are great writer. Good to see you for 3 1/2 minutes today!

4/15/2006 09:34:00 PM  

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