october 1

so, what does a blogger blog about when a blogger has nothing to blog about? hmmmm- i'm not sure but we're finding out! i guess the old addage "no news is good news" applies here! i can't even think of a funny that abby has said over the last few days besides blurting out the word "constipated" at a restaurant friday night. she used a big word for such a sweet little girl. i asked her if she wanted a fried pickle and she said loudly, "no, mom, that will make you constipated." not sure why she thinks that pickles will do that to the human body but go figure. my little shy one has begun to slowy come out of her shell. this week she also blurted out to me that a man had his hair in a pony tail "like a girl's hair,momma" i told her it was fine and prayed he was hard of hearing since he was standing 5 feet away in my kitchen. then told her we would discuss it later so as to not embarass the man. i didn't tell her that her daddy's dream is to have zz top hair as an old man and that's partly why the prickly go-tee right now. one can only hope that his dreams change over time.

no telling what she's telling her preschool teacher. it's probably best that i don't know everything! good thing we're just "normal, ordinary folk" and the teacher has probably heard it all before :) at least that's what i tell myself!

oh, and since i believe that i must have a picture to post with each new blog, here's a recent one of lilly eating-we seem to like taking pictures of her eating since it's such a huge part of our day. eat baby food or mush, drink bottle, clean up baby, clean up mess, repeat 50 million times. anyway, they're so cute i could spend all my time staring at them! it makes the clean up time worth it!


Blogger K.T. says peace said...

Yeah-There is not too much going on around here either.....not that I have not already blogged about,anyhow.LOL

10/02/2006 10:02:00 PM  
Blogger Diana Harton said...

One day Lilly is going to grow up and look at all the pics you have taken of her and ask....did you not ever give me a bath.

10/06/2006 05:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lilly looks like her tummy is full and she's about to fall asleep sitting up
Are Abby and Riley "TEACHING" the pre-school class yet? heh heh GM Doris

10/09/2006 11:23:00 AM  

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